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Parrotlife Magazine

p.20 Shedding some light on the subject

p.26 Restraint and grooming techniques part 1

p.54 Wise choice in lighting

p.25 Punishment and the Parrot

p.34 Grooming techniques using a rotary tool part 1

Bird Tricks
Bird Tricks


Tips and advice (in English) for the breeding and training of parrots.

Parrotlife Magazine

p.8 Is your home Parrot safe?

p.9 Grooming techniques using a rotary tool part 2

p.10 Empowering our parrots

p.24 Restraint techniques for large parrot part 2

p.37 Apple cider vinagar, for medical use and cleaning

Parrots for dummies



Parrot for dummies, simple and complete. Ownership of a first parrot. (English only).

Johanne Vaillancourt
Johanne Vaillancourt


Specialist of parrots, Johanne Vaillancourt offers plenty of information on the different species of existing parrots, as well as foods and dangerous plants, on the web and via books and DVDs.

Vétérinaire Exotiques