Yellow-Headed Amazon

Colors: mainly green, with red and blue on there wings. The head may take up to 25 years before becoming completly yellow.

Life span: from 30 to 70 years, an average of 50 years.

Age of maturity: from 4 to 6 years

Size and weight: 36 cm, 460 to 690 g.


 My adaptation to change is rather easy and more adaptable than my other parrot friends. I am very excitable, I enjoy a noisy environment, even more when I have a chance to participate. I enjoy being a clown and to have a party I like to be the star attraction. The environnement can be a big factor in my behavior of being calm or very noisy,  I am very intelligent, I can speak very well, more so smaller words, I love to sing and whistle. I am affectionate, sometimes more with one person than another.

 I can make you dizzy, but I am adorable. We all have our individual personalities in our family. Take the time to get to know me, with understanding, respect, patience and softness, we will have mutual confidence. This way we can have a success story together. I don't like changing families, it could be very stressful and emotional for me. I can be a great friend and companion with the proper education.


 My average height is 37 cm. My body is sturdy and robust, I am also an expert in climbing. I love to hang from my feet. Even if my wings are clipped, I can still explore. A good education is a must.


 I need lots of toys to chew on, to make noise with and act like a clown. I love to forage, so if you hide some goodies in my cage, this will keep me busy for awhile. My diet needs many vegetables, fruits and pulses and a good quality of pellets.I love nuts and grains, but I have a tendency to gain weight, so keep these for training and as a reward for being good. Positive reinforcement is aways recommended.


 I need frequent bathing, 3 or times a week. In the morning is best, at night I could catch cold. My cage should be big, a minimum of 3' x 2' x 3'. The bigger the better.


 I can bite very hard when I am not understood, mainly during the mating season (spring and mid-summer). I can become more territorial and unpredictable. Take the time to understand my body language.


 Be careful when my eyes become big and small repeatedly, and my tail opens like a fan, all signs that I may bite someone or something, or I am really scared or overly excited.


 I can come from different regions like South America to Mexico to the Caribbean's. Some are also found in southern California