Indian Ringneck

Colors:  Originally green, but many mutations exist

Life span: 20 to 30 years

Age of maturity: 3 to 4 years

Size and weight:  40 cm,  110 to 120 g.


I'm not emotionally dependent. My cry is strong as a Conure, but they are mostly concentrated at sunrise and sunset. I can become a good speaker.


I love to play and can learn plenty of things. I can become a great companion. To do this, you must continually lead me to obedience, if not  I can be very unfriendly and even unpleasant, or nippy. 




I need a good cage 30x36x36. I need 10 hours of sleep, frequent showers or baths, and many toys. I love to chew on soft wood and forage on hidden treats.


A diet of vegetables, fruits, sprouts and finally pellets of a good quality. Keep nuts to reward me, I love nuts but it's like a poutine for me, so in moderation.



I am the large Afro-Asian Psittacula species.

I'm very large species of Psittacula Origin Afro-Asian. I measure 14 to 17 inches with a tail as long as my body. My life expectancy ranges from 20 to 30 years.


I have a majestic and elegant plumage. If I am a male mature age to 3-4 years, a ring of black will appear around my neck. It is only at this age that I am different from my female.