Patagonian Conure Parrot

Colors :  mainly khaki green, with blue, yellow and orange under the wings and belly
Life span : up to 30 years
Age of maturity : 2 to 4 years


I am sometimes compared to Mcaw, for my flight and my cry. Hence my nickname mini-macaw. I speak not as strong as the Mcaw but I can be loud at sunrise and sunset. I am not made ​​to live in an apartment. With a good education my moments of vocalization can be reduced. I remain a parrot, a conure is known to be noisy.

I can learn to speak, maybe not as good as my friends the Blue Crested Conure, but I'm close to them as far as speach is concerned. I am very smart, I learn stuff with pleasure, I love to play, to be part of family activities.

Well socialized and educated, I'm happy and affectionate. I love being with my masters, let alone too often, I can get very bored. You must have a lot of time for me. I can sometimes bite if I'm afraid, I'm not being understood or disrespect to me. Take the time to understand my body language, my mating season that occurs in the late spring-summer. I can be more aggressive and noisy at this time. Frequent times, out of my cage, even short periods will help improve my moodiness.



I am one of the biggest Conure's. I measure 43cm. I'm not very well known and rare in Quebec. My dominant color is khaki. I have beautiful blue under the wings, yellow and orange on the belly. I have a great  white ring around my eyes that increases my charm. I can live up to 30 years. I become adult at the age of 2 to 4 years.


I need a lot of time with you, I like a change of scenery. Proper socialization is very important when I am young. Have plenty of toys for me to chew is imperative. Search surprises in my cage fills me with pleasure. (foraging)


I love playing in the water. Two to three times a week in the late morning, not at night, because I could catch a cold. These moments of bathing will pleased me. I need a large cage for when you can not watch me and for the night. The smallest for my well being is 30x36x36, bigger is always better.


Fresh water, fruits, vegetables and good quality pellets every day. Nuts, seeds should be used for my education and our moments of games.


Having met all my needs, I will be a great companion. If unfortunately, I do not get all my basic needs for my well-being, I could pluck myself or start screaming incessantly and also start biting. My character and personality are unique even among my friends of my kind. I do not want to leave you. This departure would cause me an incomprehensible situation heartbreaking and stressful.


Be sure to take good care of me with understanding, respect, patience, gentleness, and especially mutual trust so we could live a great story.


I come from the south-central region of Argentina and Chile known as Patagonia.

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