Our Story

How one parrot quickly became a dozen...
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Why become a breeder ?

A friend, ex-breeder of parrots, asked us to share our experience, knowledge and passion of parrots to other people.

Parents of seven children from the same union, and two giant Poodles, full time mother at home. I saw my children make their way with success and pride.

Wanting to have a hobby, I discovered parrots. These beautiful creatures helped me continue what to me was most natural, see to their education, food source and leisure time.

The begining of a passion

It all began with a Brown Head. Not long after that a Jardine was introduced to keep company to the Brown Head. A few months later an African Grey Congo of 9 years of age was adopted. After that a few months later a baby African Grey Congo joined the family. We are officially hooked on parrots.

Our passion is such, that we are always searching for more information to better understand our friends. With these searches we discovered the magnificent Eclectus parrot and we added this breed to our flock. We now have a beautiful Eclectus couple with no intention to breed. We then adopted a Greenwing McCaw to add to our existing family of birds.

Life with feathers

All our birds are fed fruits, vegetables and germinations, and also many home cooked meals and a good quality pellet food named Roudybush. All of our parrots recieve a maximum of light wether through natural lighting or special UV lighting for their health.

Each day there are games and tricks to be learned, bathing time, without forgetting some tender loving care. A good stimulation and lots of love is essential so they are happy even if they are in captivity.

The start of Rio Parrots

Since that day, many other couples have entered our aviary like, Double Yellow Headed Amazons, Eclectus, Jardines, Derbyan, Sun Conures, Yellowsided Conures, Pineapple Conures and more. We are always in quest for more information to help the well being of our parrot friends.

Our breeding parrots get the same care and attentions as those in our living room. We breed parrots that stimulate our passion.

We are very proud and responsable, so all our couples have babies that are in great heath, our engagement is also to find homes which are fit and responsable to love their new friend: the parrot.

This is our Passion.