Nanday Conure Parrot

Colors:   mainly green with a turquoise chest and my flight feathers are blue, I also have some red on my legs.
Life span: ​up to 20 years
Age of maturity: 3 years


I am a Conure so I am sometimes noisy, not recommended for an apartment. The morning and afternoon for my moments are usually the most intense vocalization. If I'm scared, I'm excited or I see a danger, I vocalise. With a good education these moments can be reduced, but I am still a parrot, not a fish. I need more hours in a day with you. I can become a biter with age if left to myself, and during the time of love, see to properly educate me.


My one side of me is that I can sleep on my back two legs in the air. People find it disturbing sometimes, but I love it. I am VERY sociable, with your guests if I am well socialized. I love to be part of the family at dinner, party, evening TV ... etc. Having the chance to be a member PARTICIPANT during family moments ... to be the attraction, I'm a parrot, I love to be the star attraction.


I can learn to speak,  about twenty or more words. I love learning stuff, do not forget that this will strengthen our relationship and mutual trust. I love the moments of tenderness with you to scratch my head makes me really happy.


Like all my friends parrots I need to chew. With enough toys with me, I am  less likely to destroy your property in spite of myself. I also love to find surprises in my cage, it keeps me quiet and occupied. I adore water, baths 3 times a week or more, not at night because I could catch a cold. ATTENTION to the toilet, sinks, bath, shower, I'm attracted to water. Don't leave me unattended if you are doing the dishes. To me water is water, they may be soap or other products that could be harmful to me.


I need a large cage, the smallest for my well being is 30x36x36, bigger is always better. I am a Nanday Conure needing 10 hours of sleep. This is very important on my mood of the day.


Fresh water, fruits, vegetables and quality pellets every day. Nuts, seeds can be made available for my education and our moments of games.

Having met all my needs, I will be a great companion. If unfortunately, I do not get all my basic needs for my well-being, I could pluck myself, screaming incessantly and become a little more aggressive. My character and personality are unique even among my friends of my kind. I do not want to leave you. This departure would cause me an incomprehensible situation heartbreaking and stressful.


Be sure to take good care of me with understanding, respect, patience, gentleness and above all mutual confidence, so we could live a great story.

Physical Aspect

I am part of the great family of Conure's. I measure about 33 cm. I am one of the most popular in the United States, but in small numbers in Quebec. My dominant color is green. I have red on the legs and my chest is turquoise. My flight feathers and some on my tail are dark blue and my head is black. If my tail has black and brown ends that means I am over 1 year of age. I can live up to 20 years. I become really mature at the age of 3 years.


In nature, I get along remarkably well with other species and often find myself in cohabitation with Parakeets Moines. You can find me in Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chaco and Formosa Mato Grosso.


Lately wild colonies appear in the eastern and southern United States.

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