Jardine Parrot

Color:  green with black feathers, mainly concentrated on my wings and tail. As I mature some red feathers will appear.

Life span:  30 years 

Age of maturity:  4 to 5 years

Size and weight:  28 cm,  180 to 220 g.


I have a lovable temperament and I vocalise a moderate tone. I can easily live in an apartment. I'm more or less active. I can be a clown at times. I can imitate sounds and words.


I am very smart and I can easily learn tricks with the clicker and my favorite nuts. Educate me properly because I soon realized that my beak is powerful in adolescence. I can be biter in the time of love. Take the time to understand and learn to observe my body language. My time learning with you will help me to change the taste of biting and help develop our mutual trust. I am the perfect parrot in my small and great friends.



My needs are a cage 30x36x36 with good solid bars in my unsupervised times. A good education, socialization, in our moments of games and do not forget nuts, hidden in my cage and various toys and treats treats.


It is important to respect my 10 hours of sleep, my bath in the morning not at night I can catch cold, and a good diet. It should consist of vegetables, fruits, legumes, sprouts and a good quality pellet feed. Do not neglect my daily fresh water.

Physical aspect

I am of a  green dominant color. I have black feathers mixed with my green mainly focused on my wings and  tail a little over my head and my neck. I wear orange-red on my head, shoulders and top of my legs. The intensity depends on my varitety, sometimes not present. I measure 26-30 cm in lenght with my tail. I am an adult at the age of 4-5 years. By nature, I can live 50-60 years, as a pet at least 30 years.


I am originally from Central Africa, from Liberia to Tanzania. There are 4 sub species recognized.