Crimson Bellied Conure

Colors: Mainly green and blue with a red belly.
Longévité : 20  years
Age of maturity: 12 to 18 months

Size and weight:  24 cm,  79 to 94 g.


I am from the Conure family, so I can be loud at times. This usually happens when I am very excited. I am one of the least loud of the conure family. I can live in an appartment, it is important to be well adapted and manipulated frequently otherwise I can become nippy. You need to learn my body language.


Even if I am very small, I am very intellegent. I can learn to do small tricks. I need to be with you, to be cuddled and handled frequently and spoken to. I love to be in a family environment. I don't like to be alone, I can get lonely and can show behavior problems.


Like all my parrot freinds, if you seperate me from your family, I will likely get very stressed. Be sure to meet my needs, availability, comprehension, respect and patience so we can have a mutuel trust. When my needs are met I am a good companion.


I need a cage for my safety required times, minimum 24x24x30 if possible greater. I'm not very destructive but I still need toys made ​​of soft wood, non-toxic plastic, paper, cardboard. I like those that make noise too.


Do not forget to hide surprises for me this is good for my development. I adore food like vegetables, fruits, good quality pellets (Roudybush) and water, all made ​​fresh daily. A bath is always fun the morning, not at night I could catch a cold.

DSC_0005 (1).jpg

I measure 24 cm including my long tail. I am green and blue with a bright red belly and my head is a mixture of white and grey which resembles scales. I also have a nice pair of white rings around my eyes. I can live 20  years. I become adult at the age of 12-18 months. 


I live in Brazil, Bolivia and South America