An avairy with a family environment. We breed many species of parrots and wish to put them in a family which will love them as much as we do.
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Rio Parrots


Whether its your first parrot or twevelth parrot, or maybe you simply need information, know you are always more than welcome at Rio Parrots.

On our precious little space on the internet, you will find all kinds of information on the parrots for which we breed, the latest babies in need of a good home, also how to take good care for our feathered friends.

If you are looking for information that does not appear on these pages, or you would like to share with us some amusing stories. Please contact us, we are always happy to hear from people with the same passion as us.


Thank-you for your visit !


 - Lolo et Doug

Éleveur Canadien Certifié

Certification spécialisation


PIJAC Canada


We are passionated by these wonderful creatures.

There are many advantages of buying directly from the breeder. Our main concern is the health and well being of parrots first.

Analyse et Modification Comportementale

Aviare Muzo+

Clinical Avian Nutrition certified.

Member of the Colloque 



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