Eclectus Parrot

Color: female is mainly red and crimson with a black beak and blue under the wings, male is mainly green with an orange beak and red under its wings.

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Adults: 2-4 years

Size and weight:  35 cm,  375 to 550 g.


I do not scream and shout, but I can sometimes vocalize loudly. I like to say hello when the sun rises and good night when the sun sets. I'm pretty independent, perfect for working people. That said, I need to get out of my cage every day. Providing me toys made of soft wood, ropes and foraging in my cage that keep me busy while waiting for your return.


I may be slower than my friends the other parrots to learn tricks. I'm a good talker so the African Grey does not have to boast. My voice is soft, I'm not shy to speak in front of people.

Despite my independence, I love you very much and want to be near you. I do not like you to cuddle me but be on your arm or shoulder suits me fine. Mutual trust, good education is super important.


I like to be treated gently because I have a good memory, our relationship is at risk if you lose patience.


You should take the time to know my body language especially if I am female. I tend to be territorial especially in times of love. Do not leave me a chance to hide under furniture because I could take this place as a place to lay and want to protect my nest. I'm not aggressive, I'm possessive it is in my temperament. You must learn to make me change my mind when I want to dominate. You must understand and accept this trait of my character.


We are great companions as all parrots when our needs are met by games, food, bath, your presence, patience, respect and understanding.


I measure 37 cm. I'm a bird with silky feathers. Allergic people tolerate me better. I can live 20 to 30 years. I grow around the age of 2 to 4 years.


There is no problem knowing my sex.


I'm a female with my dominant bright red color. My chest, my neck and my flying wings are blue. I have a beautiful round blue eyes. My adult beak is completely black.


I am a male with my green dominant color. I have blue and red under the wings and on my tail. My beak as an adult is an orange yellow.


I need a large cage 24x24x36. Should I have to spend most of my days in my cage, it should be bigger. I still have to get out regularly every day.

Useful facts

To stay healthy, I need my food to be plentiful in fruits and vegetables. In my country, Australia, I do not eat seeds. My digestive tract is very long, I must have a slightly different diet like: cooked meat, an egg once a week is very good for me. Good quality pellets to complement my meals and fresh water, all made ​​fresh daily. Malnourished, my life expectancy will be greatly reduced, by about eight years.

Nuts for my surprises and rewards in our games will be perfect. Attention nuts must be scaled if the shell is very hard. I have a rather soft beak.


I need to bathe often because I do not like having my feathers dirty, my appearance is important to me.


I am native of the islands northeast of Australia and the Maluku island, such as the Solomon Islands, Sumba, and New Guinea.