Quaker Parrot

Colors:   I come in various colors: like yellow, blue white, pallid, opaline as well as many other color mutations.
Life span: ​20 to 30 years.
Age of maturity: Between 12 and 24 months old.

Size and weight:  25 cm,  80 to 150 g.


I have an active temperament, playful and very intelligent. I am very mechanical; I can quickly learn to open my cage door, break apart my toys. I like to do and undo things.


I like to gnaw and I love new toys. I need lots of change because I get disinterested quickly with my toys. If I get bored, this will certainly lead me to cry out. I can cry out loudly. You will hear me especially in the morning, evening and during my periods of boredom. I can learn to speak at a very young age. The more I speak, the less I'll cry out.


I can easily learn tricks using the clicker and my favorite nut as treats. Be sure to educate well at a young age as I will quickly realise during my adolescence that my little beak is strong. During mating season, I may tend to bite more. Take the time to learn and understand my body language to determine my mood. These learning periods with you will help me modify my biting and will aid in developing a mutual trust. I am very loyal to my master, but make sure to socialize me well at a young age. If not, I may become unpleasant with your guests.




I need a 30 x 36 x 36 inch cage with good solid bars and a good lock. I need a good education, socialization, playtime with you and don't forget to give me hugs and kisses. Hide treats in my cage and give me different toys to play with. It is important to respect my 10 hours of sleep, don't give me a bath at night as I could catch a cold, and provide me with a good diet. It must be composed of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, sprouts and good quality grains or pellets. Do not neglect to give me fresh water daily.


Know that our relationship will need to be based on trust. Your sudden movements, your impatience, your tone of voice, your lack of understanding towards me and extended times of loneliness can affect our relationship and these will be hard for me to forgive.


Before adopting me, make sure to be ready to fully commit to me. A separation from you will cause me intense moments of stress and heartbreak. I'm messy with my food and my droppings. Despite your headache, I will want to vocalize. I'm not a fish but a parrot. Unintentionally, I can damge your belongings or bite; it will be up to you to figure out why and understand me. Our relationship will need to be based on gentleness, patience, respect, comprehension of who and what I am and a mutual trust which we will establish with time.


If you're ready, I'm a good loyal companion, affectionate and intelligent with lots of surprises.

Physical Aspect

Today, I can come in many various color tones like yellow, blue, white, pallid, opaline, as well as other color mutations. I am sturdy; I measure between 28-30 cm from the tip of my head to my long tail. I become an adult bird arount the age of 1-2 years. My life expectancy is between 20 to 30 years.

I originate from South America.

Possibility of mutations from Splendide & Skype

Aquablue Pallidino

Aqua Pallidino

Blue Pallidino

Aquablue (Ino Carrier)

Aqua (Ino Carrier)

Blue (Ino Carrier)



Aquablue Pallid

Aqua Pallid

Blue Pallid