Cape Parrot

Color:  I have a grey head with an olive green body.

Life span:  40 years

Age of maturity:  5 years

Size and weight:  33 cm,  275 to 375 g.

DSC_0010 (1).jpeg


  As a household pet, I am full of energy, very playful, affectionate, social and very intelligent with a high capacity of speech. I have the nickname of "The Gentle Giant" I am easy to train, I can learn quite quickly. A good education at a young age is best, I do have a strong beek and I can at times be stubborn.

  I am not a quiet parrot, but not as loud as a McMaw and others. After all I am a fish nor a Finch, but a parrot.

  My dominant color is green, my wings are dark green and black with small patch of red. My head if male is all grey and females have a red cap. When I am young red feathers may appear at the bottom of my legs. A DNA test is necessary if I am youn and not an adult.

Physical aspect

  I do need a large cage, a minimum of 30 x 36 x36 is required with good solid bars, my beek is very strong. I need to be well socialized and also a good education. I love cuddles, hidden treats in my cage and an assortment of toys. It is important to respect my sleep, a minimum of 8 to 10 hours every night. Baths, 2 or more per week, but not at night, I could catch cold. A good diet is also a must, it must consist of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, germinations and legumes and also a good quality pellet, fresh water all the time.

  We are mainly from South America.