Caiques Black Headed

Color :  Green, Yellow, White and Black
Longivity : from 30 to 35 years
Âdult Age : 3 years

Size and weight:  23 cm, 145 to 170 g.


  To look at me, I give the impression I am wearing a suit. I am yellow with a white sweater, a green jacket and a black scarf on my head like ZORO. My beak is black. I am 23 cm in height with a short tail. I become adult at 3 years of age and I live between 30 to 35 years.

  One word for my temperment is a CLOWN, that's me. I am full of energy. I love to play, climb, hang from things and do summersaults and much more, its in my nature.

  I am very intellegent and I love to explore and learn new tricks. I can be fun to watch, without a dull moment.

  I love to chew and I love toys that make noise. I constantly need to be distracted, its a good idea to change my environment often, it prevents me from being bored.


  My cage must be a minimum of 24 x 24 x 30, thats if I have the possibility of being out a few times a day. If I need to wait for your return from work, than a bigger cage is preferable. If there is room for a bath, I love water, I can take 2 or 3 a day.


  That being said, make sure you have many things to me active. I need many toys and things I can chew and a swing is also a good idea and if there is room a rope that I can hang on. Rotate my toys often so I don't get bored.

  A good education is important, I love to learn tricks and don't forget my hugs. Hiding treats is also a good idea and will keep me busy for awhile. It is important for me to get a good 10 hours of sleep at night, baths are also fun, but not at night for I may catch cold. A good balanced diet is important, vegetables, fruits, sprouts and a good quality of pellets. Of course fresh water each day.


  I am native of South America