Brown Head Parrot

Colors :  mainly green and know for their greyish brown head.
Life span : 20 to 25 years
Age of maturity : 2 to 3 years, thus changing the color of their iris


I am a bird of very sweet temperament. It is necessary to socialize me with many people, experience new things when I am little. My fear of new situations can make me aggressive.

I'm perfect for apartment living. Sometimes I issue a little sharp cry when I'm not happy or to attract attention. I do not demand much attention as most of my friends parrots.

I can learn to speak, especially small words. I am excellent to imitate sounds like microwave, smoke detector, a kiss, the clicker. I am very smart. You can show me lots of stuff with positive reinforcement clicker and a treat. This will increase our mutual trust. I love being scratched on the head and share moments on your shoulder. Older, I tend to become more independent, especially if I am left to myself. And yes, during mating seasons I can sometimes be more aggressive.


Despite that I am small, I need a good 30x24x38 and bigger cage would be great. I am known to be active, playful and affectionate. My favorite toys are made of soft wood, non-toxic plastic. I love to swing, small toys for my feet, I love them. Do not forget to hide surprises in my cage, I'll be in heaven. I am not very destructive of nature, but I remain a parrot.

My needs are simple food: vegetables, fruits, good quiality pellets and fresh water, all made ​​fresh daily. A good bath, two to three times a week during the morning (not evening I could take cold), I prefer a bowl despite the mess I will make. Watch me play its  worthwhile, most people will enjoy.


Like my friends the parrots, to become separated from you will be a stressful situation and be uncomprehending to me. Be sure you want to take care of me. You must have understanding, respect, patience, kindness towards me. We must take the time to establish a mutual trust to live a great story.

Physical Aspect

I'm a little stocky parrot. I measure 22 cm. My body is green. My head and my tail are brown and gray. I have yellow under my wings and shoulders. I can live 20-25 years. I am mature at around the age of 2 to 3 years. My brown iris turns yellow in adulthood.


The brown-headed parrot is found in forested areas of East Africa through Mozambique and northern KwaZulu-Natal.