Hahn's Macaw

Color : dark green with red on its wings.
Lifespan : 30 à 40 ans.
Adult age : 2 à 4 ans.


I am very affectionate, I need lots of tenderness and attention. I am very sociable. I am very intellegent and love to learn new tricks. I am able to speak, I am curious and funny. I love to charm my family and friends.

Physical Aspect

I am the samllest Macaw that exists. I measure about 30 cm, my feathers are dark green and my head is dark blue almost black. I have red on my shoulders and on the edge of my wings. I can live from 30 to 40 years of age and I become an adult between 2 and 4 years of age.


I need a good cage for nighttime and when you are absent. A minimum of 30" x 36" x 36", and bigger is always better. I need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day, this will help me be in a better mood. I do enjoy a tent to sleep in. I would need a bath regularly, but not in the evening, I could catch cold.

For my health and welfare both mental and physical, I need many toys to chew on and toys you can hide treats in to keep me occupied. If you keep me busy, I will have less time to cry out loudly. Its good to know I could be quite loud, I am a parrot, not a fish.

For my food, I need a good quality pellets, a variety of sprouts, vegetables, fruits and of course fresh water everyday. I am a Macaw and love nuts, these make great rewards for me, but don't over do it, too many can also be harmful for my health.

Make sure you socialize and educate me well, this will make a great difference when I am an adult. If all my needs are taken of, I will be a great companion. If my needs are not met, I could start to pluck or bite or scream. My caracter and personnality is unique even when comparing to other Macaw's. I would not want to leave your family. If we were to separate, this could cause me a great stress. To have a great sucess story, be sure to take good care of me, with respect and patience and gentleness and most of all mutuel respect.


My origins are from South America.

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