Alexandrine Parakeet

Colors: from dark green to pale green

Life span: from 25 to 30 years

Age of maturity: 2 to 3 years


With my future family, I share many popular features, silky plumage, a good level of speach, I have a good temperament and no typical health problems.


My cry remains strong enough, but I prefer to imitate all kinds of words or sounds learned from you. As a teenager I sometimes become loud and deafening. Be patient because it will only last a few months, the time of mating can give me the need to vocalize loudly. I am a parrot who prefers a quiet environment. Otherwise I could develop a more turbulent behavior.


I love to chew wood to keep my beak filed and simple toys for fun. I learn very quickly up and down commands to be handled. If you take the time, I can quickly learn new tricks and more particularly with a clicker and reward me with my favorite nuts. I can adapt to a loving family environment and can be handled by several people. 


I need a large cage 30x36x36 or bigger is better. I have a long tail and I would like it to stay beautiful. I love to eat, so a good diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, sprouts and good quality pellets in smaller quantities is the perfect meal for me.


Naturally, I adore nuts, but keep this treat for my learning it will help me to become the ideal companion for you.


Je mesure 58 cm avec ma longue queue qui me donne un air majestueux. Je suis la plus grande de mon espèce.


J'ai des bandes de couleurs brique sur les épaules, les ailes, ainsi qu'un gros bec de cette couleur brique.




I am an Asian parrot native to the Indian subcontinent.