Rock Pebbler Parrot

Colors:   Greenish-yellow, red and yellow wings, or olive-green, red and yellow wings.
Life span: ​25 to 30 years
Age of maturity:  12 to 24 months

Size and weight:  40 cm,  170 to 180 g.


I vocalise very little, even less than my friend the Cockatiel. I am the ideal parrot to have living in an appartment. Not to brag against my other parrot freinds, I am almost the perfect parrot. I am active; I like to play, climb and chew without being destructive. I prefer to observe and manipulate things rather than destroy them. I'm very smart; I learn things easily and I can talk. My voice is pleasant, sweet to the ear. I am very sociable but like my independence and I can occupy myself. I love to watch everything around me and I love being near you. I am easy to train and handle, and I easily trust humans. I am affectionate and docile, even during my mating periods.


If I am well socialized, I'm not a fearful or nervous parrot. I like to observe before acting.


You could say that my only inconience that could jeopardize our perfect relationship is that flying is my LIFE. I have a huge need to fly, even more than playing. The need is so strong that despite having my wings clipped, I can learn to move around anyway. To have two playgrounds which I could fly to and from, would abssolutely thrill me. Keep in mind that I am not a destructive parrot but I can still damage your property; keep a close eye on me to check on your belongings and on my safety.


Knowing that I have a need to fly, I require a very spacious cage. My breeders will tell you that a 30 x 36 x 36 inch cage is the smallest sized cage for me. If not, I will need to be out free for more than half my days.


I need good education, socialization, playtime with you and don't forget to give me hugs and kisses. Hide treats in my cage and give me different toys to play with. It is important to respect my 10 hours of sleep, don't give me a bath at night as I can catch a cold, and provide me with a good diet. It must be composed of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, sprouts and good quality grains or pellets. Do not neglect to give me fresh water daily.


Know that our relationship will need to be based on trust. Your sudden movements, your impatience, your tone, your lack of understanding towards me and extended times of loneliness can affect our relationship and these will be hard for me to forgive.


Before adopting me, make sure to be fully commit to me. A separation from you will cause me intense moments of stress and heartbreak. I'm messy with my food and my droppings. Despite your headache, I will want to vocalize. I'm not a fish but a Parrot. Unintentionally, I can damage your belongings or bite for some reason that you do not understand. There is always a reason when I bite; it will be up to you to figure out why and understand me. Our relationship will need to be based on gentleness, patience, respect, comprehension of who and what I am and a mutual trust which will be established with time.


If you're ready, I'm a good loyal companion, affectionate and intelligent with lots of suprises. Life is good with me, I am easy to live with. Are you??? ha ha for me.

Physical Aspect

I have a pear shaped body; small head and large dark eyes. I measure between 30-33 cm long from head to tail. If I am a male, my feathering is greenish-yellow, my wings are red and yellow and my beak is reddish. As a younling, I resemble the female; it takes about a year for the shade of yellow in my feathering to increase. If I am a female, I am more of an olive green color, red and yellow on my wings, a red beak and I have pink on the inside of my tail.


I am a parrot originally from Australia.